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Star Bright Farm

Authentic. Elemental. Lifestyle.




If there exists a location ­- a canvas- on which to create authentic and elemental, “Roots” experiences, it is Star Bright Farm. Whether in the barn, in the garden or in the field, Star Bright’s purposeful events are the perfect place to learn, to connect, to collaborate and to have good time.



Throughout the year, we will host workshops with our community partners to share the knowledge that we learn along the way.

Farm Market

Our barn is the centerpiece around which work revolves. It is where we gather to process a harvest, sell our crops or share the experience with others. We set up shop in our barn to sell the results of our effort to the wider community.


Our table is set to bring the collective work of farmers and chefs together and set life to harvest season and keep the art of a meal alive.


Our Story

Stone by stone, barn-by-barn, pond-by-pond, field-by-field, we have rebuilt and nurtured Star Bright Farm into a destination whose lifestyle and style have been featured in numerous national magazines.