Sage Hydrosol

Sage Hydrosol

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Ingredients: 100% pure Sage floral water (Salvia officianlis)

100ml: 4 fl oz.

Profile: Warm. Moody. Earthy: Cleansing

Uses: Cleansing skin freshener, Deoderizer. Diffuse for cleansing effect while at home and work in between seeing guests or clients

Benefits: Antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, decongestant properties; known to help the circulatory system

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Hydrosols are pure floral waters from steam distilled flowering herbs; transforming the botanical resilience of plants into liquid form. The final product is lightly saturated with beneficial plant compounds and a naturally light fragrance. The result is a lightly fragrant distillate with a slight nuttiness, which carries the sensory and chemical properties of the plant distilled. Hydrosols are slightly acidic, with a Ph. that ranges from 4.8-5.9, depending on your botanical material. The final product is a pure, plant derived distillate, which has light fragrance and chemical activity with a wide range of traditional uses. We like to use our hydrosols as a gentle skin toner to cleanse and help balance skin pH.

Our skin has a naturally acidic pH, creating an “acid mantle” that regulates healthy production of sweat and fatty acids. Production of these components creates a protective veil, helping your skin fight of unwanted microbes and surface contaminants. Well balanced pH keep skin alive and protecting itself. Hydrosols facilitate this organic process, keeping skin breathing as it should. It is a solution provided by nature’s chemistry, coaxed along by the farmers’ hands.