Infusion Workshop no.2: Body Butters

Infusion Workshop no.2: Body Butters


Sunday, March 18, 2018
from 2:00-4:30pm

We have limited space for this workshop, so don't wait!

Farming is a descriptive practice, where consideration of landform, climate and water dictate your crops, and thus the local "flavor" of a region. This is where creativity and collaboration come into play between farmers and artisans and brings your local profile to life. We find that infusions tie together the various personality of seasons past into a form we can enjoy together during winter days.

Join us for our INFUSION no.2 Hands on Body Butter workshop with Priya Narasimham creator of Priya Means Love.

Learn how to make a botanical-infused body butter, and make two customized body butters using organic oils infused with Star Bright Farm herbs! We’ll talk about how to infuse the scents and healing powers of herbs into oils, and you’ll learn how to formulate and create deeply nourishing body butters and balms. You’ll smell and feel your way through an array of beautiful essential oils and precious skincare superfoods like evening primrose oil and argan oil, choosing among them to create two body butters customized to your senses and to your skin’s needs.  

You’ll leave with two 1 oz jars of body butter – plus the knowledge to create your own moisturizing body butters.

Before the workshop begins, we will meet and mingle while enjoying herb-infused beverages and hors-d'oeuvre. Lisa Doyle, of the well known Corner Pantry, will make a variety of treats for us. We will have gluten-free options as well. We look forward to growing this community of friendship!

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 Photo Credit: Syranno

Photo Credit: Syranno

About Priya

Priya Narasimhan is the creator of Priya Means Love, a line of purist all natural, organic products for skin, body, and hair, plus botanical fragrance. Priya started out with the goal of being a mathematician but got waylaid by fibromyalgia in grad school. After years of intensive self-care, she realized that chemical sensitivities play a major role in her illness and she began experimenting with crafting clean, herbal products to heal her own body. A hobby grew into a business, and nine years later, Priya remains immersed in the world of botanical bodycare experimentation and formulation. She is inspired every day by living in harmony with the senses, and by the plants, essences, clays, and other beautiful materials that perfume her world.