Farm Market


The expression extends into the soil and in the elements, but the day begins and ends in the spaces of human construction. Our barn is the centerpiece around which work revolves. It is where we gather to process a harvest, sell our crops or share the experience with others. In the high ceilings up stairs, the season may find lavender hanging from the high walls or newly potted plant cuttings resting on a dirty table. The cozy basement below is where we set up shop in our farm market to sell the results of our effort to the wider community. As seasons change, so do the contents of the store, so if there is something you like, scoop it up while time permits. It is in these spaces that we also seek to share the collective knowledge of an elemental life. 

At this time we will be opening on a "Pop-up" basis. Please subscribe so that we can notify you of our hours of operation, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.